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29 August 2013

Another traditional Barn Owl site fails

A visit by the team in early August. two adults were seen at the house (M.O'Clery).

Barn Owls have bred here for many years (M.O'Clery).

This site in Duhallow has had Barn Owls nesting for many years, according to the locals who witnessed the young in each of the last number of summers. An adult pair was detected here in early August and although no young were seen it was decided to do a watch at dusk to see what was going on. Unfortunately, at dusk two days ago, both adults emerged, one from the chimney and one from the roof space, and without calling headed off to hunt. They didn't return within an hour and there was no snoring calls heard that would reveal the presence of young. Another failed site. Like so many other sites this year adults are still present and, if they survive the winter, will no doubt try again next year.