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21 August 2013

Another site falls silent

There are one or two late Barn Owl nests still active, and some sites, such as in the post below, have very young chicks which may not fledge until autumn. This has prompted us to re-check sites where pairs were present this summer, but didn't breed. It is hoped that some might attempt to raise young even this late in the year.

Barn Owl site in Co. Kerry. Nesting has been successful at this site in each of the last three years, but the pair did not breed this year (Photo: M.O'Clery).

At the site above, an old mansion in Co. Kerry, a pair has been very active of late, calling and being very attentive toward each other. However a watch of the site this evening showed that they have finally given up on breeding for this year. There was no calling between the birds and no obvious courtship behaviour. The two just preened and went their separate ways to hunt for the night.