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23 August 2013

A single feather reveals a new Barn Owl site

Derelict cottage in East Kerry (M.O'Clery).

Have a look at the video below of this derelict cottage in east Kerry, taken yesterday…

This single white feather raised suspicions and led to the discovery of a probable Barn Owl nest site. The signs of an occupied Barn Owl site can be subtle enough, but although it might be missed on the outside, the signs of the presence of Barn Owls were easily visible inside.

A single barn owl feather on the chimney led to the discovery (Photo: M.O'Clery).

Inside, below the chimney, there were many Barn Owl feathers and pellets. We attached a camera to a long extendable tripod and looked closer at the chimney. Near the top of the chimney shaft is a small alcove, and behind it you can just see an opening into an attic space – an absolutely ideal and secure nest site, with Barn Owl feathers and pellets much in evidence. We will investigate this new site further in the coming days.