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Volunteer your help

You can help!
There are a number of ways in which you can help with the Survey.

Sightings Any sighting of a Barn Owl or a Long-eared Owl, anywhere in the Duhallow region within the past two years is important so please report them to us using the contact details on this page HERE

Kestrels are still relatively common in SW Ireland but are in decline elsewhere. We need to understand why. If you know of any nests or nesting activity of this species*, please let us know via the contact details on this page HERE. 
* This could be a bird continuously returning to the same clump of trees, excited calling between two birds (a pair) or a bird carrying prey in its talons into trees, or a ruin, or a cliff ledge, during the period March to early July.

A part of the Survey on Kestrels will be Vantage Point Watches. If you would like to volunteer to help with a three-hour watch, near Kanturk, Rathmore or Ballydesmond, in April or early May, please let us know (contact details are on this page HERE). Further information on this aspect of the Survey will be posted on this blog soon.

Post a poster!
This is the poster which we will be putting up in shops and other outlets throughout the Duhallow region during summer 2012. 
You can help us to publicise this Survey. Simply download and print off this A5 poster, and ask your local shops, library, garden centre, Post Office or Community Centre to display it. It's simple, cheap and won't take too much time, and could help us enormously. You can download the ready-to-print PDF file from this page HERE (this will open another window on Simply click the green Download button. File size is 796Kb).

Ask a friend, ask a neighbour
Ask your friends and neighbours if they have recently seen or heard a Barn Owl, a Long-eared Owl, or know of a Kestrel nest. Get as much info as you can on the location and let us know (contact details are on this page HERE).

Publicise this blog
If you know of any suitable websites that might link to this blog, please ask them to do so. Just one link on another website can lead to dozens, or hundreds, of new visitors, and one of those might know of a sighting, or a nest site.

Nest boxes
Kestrels and Barn Owls will readily take to a nest box if it is installed correctly. All the information for the boxes is on this page HERE.

Thank you.