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3 July 2013

Birds on the menu for hungry Kestrel chicks

Kestrel chicks, Co. Kerry (Filmed under licence: Michael O'Clery).

Two of the four Kestrel chicks in our Co. Kerry nestbox are just about fledged and have already left the nest box, though are hanging around outside (see post below). They are all still being fed by the parents at the nest box and in this clip we can see several food items being despatched by the two hungry youngsters still inside. First, one goes back to a small bird which is cached at the back of the box (probably either a young Grasshopper Warbler or a Meadow Pipit).

Soon after, one of the adults arrives with a 'prepared lunch', another, larger bird which has already been substantially plucked. Any guess as to which species this might be? Notice the chicks eat pretty much everything of the bird - head, feathers, legs and all.

Finally, just as the battery runs out on our camera, another prey delivery arrives to be snatched by one of the chicks, but from the size and colour, it looks to be a Bank Vole.