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5 July 2012

Some Barn Owl sites lost

Although the Duhallow Raptor Conservation Project has located several new Barn Owl nest sites during survey work this summer, two tree nests seem to have failed. One had the female sitting tight inside the nest cavity about five weeks ago attended by the male and showing every signs of breeding but, upon inspection last week, proved to be empty.

The second, also a tree nest, was also empty and seems to have been used by Jackdaws this summer. However in both cases, adult birds are still being seen in the vicinity. It is possible they have nested elsewhere nearby, so while it will take further investigation to see if this is the case, at least we can say that for the moment, the sites themselves have not been abandoned.

With the assistance of Ranger, Tim O'Donoghue, John Lusby climbs to the cavity in the Beech tree. Unfortunately the call came down that it was empty (Video: M.O'Clery).