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16 May 2012

A careful approach

Many birds are extra cautious around their nest site, but the pair of Duhallow Kestrels in this cliff site have excelled in their careful approach. It took five hours of careful watching before the Kestrels revealed their nest site, a rocky ledge, partially covered with overhanging vegetation. Each time one of the adults would arrive at the site, they would perch well away from the nest and carefully look around. If not entirely happy, they would leave, and only after being totally confident would they then fly to the nest.

The male Kestrel (circled) looks out from the nest. He had just fed the female a Bank Vole, which she took some distance from the nest to eat, before returning. She is now once again on the nest, and he is about to leave to hunt.

The nest (circled), partially hidden by vegetation (Photo: Michael O'Clery).

We hope to ring the nestlings at this site in the next few weeks.