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28 March 2012

BirdWatch Ireland announces Duhallow Raptor Survey

BirdWatch Ireland have just announced the Duhallow Raptor Conservation Survey in their E-Wings Newsletter. A snippet is shown below...

John Lusby visiting a Duhallow Barn Owl nest site (under licence from the NPWS).

"Detailed raptor survey gets underway in Duhallow
Until recently, our knowledge of Ireland's Barn Owls and the problems they face was relatively limited. Thankfully this situation has dramatically changed over the past five years, largely due to the efforts of volunteers who have facilitated comprehensive monitoring of their elusive populations throughout the country. Last year, conservation and monitoring efforts in the southwest received an additional boost, with IRD Duhallow coming on board and providing funding through the LEADER 2007-2013 programme."
You can read the full article on the BirdWatch Ireland website HERE. Lots of information on surveying for Barn Owls, Long-eared Owls and Kestrels in Duhallow...